Values Assemblies: Developing the principles of a Rights Respecting School

Through our values assemblies, we encourage children to model, respect and celebrate firm values, rights and principles and attitudes to their learning and behaviour. 

Each month we learn about and from role models in our global and local communities, who have demonstrated certain values including confidence, kindness, tolerance, respect, equality, empathy, peace, positivity, self-control, democracy and pride. 

Pupil ‘s are then given an opportunity to award a ‘Values’ nomination to someone at home, at school or in their community who have also demonstrated these values. This is followed up on the playground by Sport Leaders and Buddies to encourage active, imaginative, enjoyable and safe lunchtimes. 

Children’s knowledge of Britain’s democratic parliamentary system has been heightened this year also, through whole school learning in assemblies around the Magna Carta, the election of school council, sport council and eco warriors and also assemblies around some of the key historical and present day figures, who have really embodied British values.

Excellence Assemblies: We celebrate our 'Learning Skills' 

In our Friday 'Excellence' assembly we celebrate how children have strengthened and applied their learning skills.

Which words could you use to help develop a growth mindset