Book Week - A whole school approach to developing the love of reading

Each year we choose a theme for our Book and Science weeks.  It provides a great opportunity for the whole school to get involved in celebrating the pleasure of reading!

With reading for pleasure at the heart of the new curriculum, promoting enjoyment and choice in reading is high on every school’s agenda. Book Week gives us a chance to focus on the pleasure of reading for its own sake, and encourage pupils, staff  and parents to share their experiences of reading with each other and to enjoy making creative links with the book.

This year we chose: The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson.

'There was once a windswept place, near nowhere and close to forgotten, that was filled with all the things that no one wanted.

Right in the middle was a small house, with small windows, that looked out on other people's rubbish and bad weather.

In the house lived an old man. Everyday he tried to tidy away the rubbish, sifting and sorting, burning and burying.

And every night the old man dreamed. He dreamed he lived in a jungle full of wild forest animals. There were colourful birds, tropical trees, exotic flowers, toucans, tree frogs and tigers.

But when he woke, his world outside was still the same.`

One day something caught the old man's eye and an idea planted itself in his head.

The idea grew roots and sprouted. Feeding on the rubbish, it grew leaves. It grew branches. It grew bigger and bigger. ...'


Look at our Exhibition of Excellence and the film clip below to find out what happened to the Tin Forest.



Take a look at our 'Exhibition of Excellence'

The Tin Forest