ECO Warriors - where our pupils help safe the environment

The Eco Warrior team is run by Miss Burgin and Mrs Fretwell. The Eco-Warriors have an active role in school. They raise awareness about sustainability and encourage everyone to be good at recycling and saving energy. We encourage good habits for the future, being an Eco-Warrior is an extremely important job and is one to be very proud of.

At Whiston Junior and Infant School, we care about ...

Saving energy
• We turn off lights, computers and other electrical equipment when they are not being used.

• We stop to think before we put anything in the bin.

• We use the right bins for our recycling.

Saving water
• We turn off the taps when we are not using them.

Healthy living
• We eat balanced meals.

• We are active every day.
• We enjoy being outside.

The creatures around us
• We encourage wildlife into our school.

Our impact on the world
• We understand what we can do to protect the environment.

Follow Miss Burgin's Blog - classes - year 1 - Eco warriors - to find out what the Warriors have been up to this year. Simply click the link below.

Eco Warrior Page (Year 1)