2017 - 2018

Our Aims

This year the eco warrior team have decided to focus on the water wastage at our school.

Water wastage is becomming a more apparent issue 

''The UK has less available water per person than most other European countries. London is drier than Istanbul, and the South East of England has less water available per person than the Sudan and Syria. 

Water is scarce in parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as in England - large scale drought is already occurring in the UK, with the lowest rainfall, groundwater and reservoir levels for decades.''   -Waterwise

Every child at Whiston Junior & Infant school has their own personal water bottle which is filled up with water at the beginning of each day. The bottles are then emptied at the end of the day ready to be cleaned. But where does that water go?

Our current answer is down the drain. 

The Eco Warriors are now working hard on a solution to overcome this problem. We've already brainstormed lots of ideas on what we could do with the water instead of pouring it away. After the Christmas holidays we will be meeting to discuss further actions.

Saving water

The Eco Warrior team have researched how we can save water in school. We came to the conclusion that most water is wasted from our water bottles, as we empty and wash them at the end of the day.


We have now purchased some equipment to help us transport the water from each classroom to the outdoor gardening area. We will then use this to water plants than we plan on growing. The team decided we needed wheels in order to transport the water due to the weight of it. We also agreed that it would be good for storage if we were able to pack away all equipment neatly.

Follow the link below to watch the Eco Warrior's message.


Twitter - Eco Warrior Video

Our water butt

Our Eco Warrior Water Butt is now installed and is ready for action. We will now be saving water across schools. The children will be planting different fruits, vegetables and herbs that we will be able to use throughout school.



Take a look at the powerpoint the children delivered in an assembly to inform the whole school what we are going to be doing.

File icon: pdf Eco Warrior final ppt.pdf [pdf 789KB] Click to download


The Eco Warrior applications for this year can now be collected from Miss Burgin in the Year 1 clasroom or from the Eco Warrior board. Or you can download and complete the form from the link below.


Do you think you've got what it takes to make our school greener? Then don't hesitate to get your application form and sign up for this years team.

File icon: docx Application form for Eco Warriors.docx [docx 10KB] Click to download

Our Greenhouse

Whiston's greenhouse is not far from being completed. Last years Eco Warrior team and the Year 6 children worked their magic green hands to recycle many plastic bottles. We used approximately 1400 plastic bottles. Great recycling team!

First the bottles had to be washed and any labels removed. Then they had to cut the bottoms of the bottles so that the top part could be threaded through the wooden poles. The wooden canes then need to be secured to the wooden frame.

The end product advantages:

  • It's cheap to construct. 
  • It is self-watering. Because there are gaps at the tops of the bottles, heavy rain can certainly penetrate from where the bottles lie side-by-side. Rainwater is always better for your plants than tap water.
  • It raises the temperature. The temperature is raised about 10 degrees centigrade. That is a huge difference and it should certainly lengthen the growing season for many plants, no matter what climate you live in.
  • It saves landfill sites from yet more plastic waste. It goes without saying that if everyone saved those plastic bottles for constructions like greenhouses, there would be less to clutter up landfill sites.
  • It is cheap and easy to repair. You can simply replace the plastic bottle that has broken or been damaged.
  • It is sturdy and can withstand strong winds. Plastic bottles can't get blown away when they are pinned into place.


Our next step is to fit a floor to the greenhouse along with some shelves. After that it can be used to it's full potential.


2016 2017

Bottle top art

The Eco Warriors have been working really hard to collect and organise bottle tops. These will then be used to create some beautiful artwork for around the school building.

Hopefully we will be able to create something as wonderful as this!

Pre-loved sale

Eco Warrior's took part in organising a preloved sale for the school. They spread the word to other children and put out a text to parents (saving paper). They then collected various items, priced them and sold them to new loving owners. They even made their own eco warrior pots to sell at the sale which were made from recycled plastic bottle bottoms, zips and then decorations. This was all in aid of raising money for less fortunate children in India.

In total the Eco Warriors managed to raise over £65! Which went towards esential items that the children needed in India. For example: stationary equipment, lunch boxes, water bottles and other items to help them at school. 

Where the money went... pre-loved sale

Miss Burgin went to India in the Easter holidays to volunteer and help the less fortunate. Here is where all the money went that was raised. Miss Burgin managed to buy a lunch box and water bottle for every child who went to the summer school. She also bought pencils, pens, maths equipment and other pieces of stationary for the children to use at school and during their exams.


"It was such an eye opening experience! We take so much for granted. It is so heart warming to see how grateful all the children and adults were to receive our gifts and support." - Miss Burgin