Class Dojos

The pupils at Whiston J & I School are polite, well-mannered and keen to learn. Of course, all members of staff have high expectations of all pupils in both their learning and social behaviours but we also know that the pupils enjoy being recognised for these. As a way to recognise and celebrate this, since September 2015, the pupils across school have begun collecting individual and class Dojo points. This is an online tool which keeps a continuous record of pupils’ points and what they have been awarded for. 

These are having a positive effect on children’s engagement, attitude to learning and behaviour. Children are awarded Dojo Points for their positive attitude to learning, for demonstrating our Whiston Values and for the compassion they show to others. When children have received the following Dojos they achieve an award:

50 Dojos – Bronze Award

100 Dojos – Silver Award

150 Dojos – Gold Award

250 Dojos – Platinum Award

In our Friday Excellence Assembly these individual points are added to their House Team Points. The totals so far this year are:

House Name House Points
Yellow Smarties Awaiting  results
Green Galaxy Awaiting results
Blue Bonbons Awaiting results
Red Starburst  Awaiting results

Which will be the winning team at the end of the year?