Music Lessons - These are under review at the moment due to the restrictions of our COVID Risk Assessment and the limitations of our premises.

The Rotherham Schools Music Service offers high quality opportunities for pupils in schools and all those attending music centres. These may lead to involvement with regional national ensembles.

Tuition is given by highly qualified and experienced teachers. Lessons last 20 minutes with three or four pupils in a group.

Charges are based on a pupil recieving a minimum of 30 lessons during the academic year. Children receiving lessons are also available to attend the Music Centre in Thurcroft at no additional cost.  

When tuition becomes available a demonstration will be given and interested KS2 children will be assessed, 3 trial lessons will be given before any charges are made.

A leaflet can be obtained from the office giving more information of the service provided.

Mr Leach teaches guitar lessons