Residential Visits at Whiston J & I School

Our philosophy at Whiston J & I School, is to try our best to provide a child-centered education with a focus on providing lifelong learning and invaluable experiences. We are enthusiastic and passionate about connecting with all our children to help them to become the very best that they can be. 

We try to plan and create a curriculum where:

•       Inquisitive minds are encouraged to celebrate change. 

•       Creative risk taking is always promoted and challenges tackled head on. 

•       Confidence is built, resilience developed and self-esteem boosted along the way. 

Each class from Reception to Year 6 take part in many 'real life' experiences through a wide range of educational visits each year, from farms, to museums and the coast, to residentials away from home.

Year 4 are the first year group to participate in  a residential, where they travel to York to experience a two day stay immersed in Viking and/or Roman history.

Year 6 participate in a longer stay at one of the Kingswood sites. This adventure focuses on the  PSHE and PE elements of our curriculum, as children challenge themselves to overcome fears, develop independence, strengthen their team-building skills and build resilience and problem solving skills within outdoor and adventurous activities including raft building, climbing Jacob's Ladder and flying through the air on the Leap of Faith.

We have found our residential visits to be imperative for developing and strengthening many of these vital life skills.

Kingswood was awesome!!

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Kingswood 2016

Our Year 6 children had a fantastic time this year at Kingswood on their residential - 19th September 2016 - 23rd September 2016.

They enjoyed the challenges of raft building and sailing in canoes and many other adventurous activities.

Y6 Kingswood 2015

Each year, Year 6 go on a school residential visit from Monday until Friday.

At the moment we are using the Kingswood Activity Centres.

If you would like to know about some of the activities we or up to or more about the centres, please see the photos below and click on the link below.


Kingswood Residential

Kingswood Outdoor Centres