A Typical Day at Whiston J & I School

A typical day in Key Stage 1 and 2:

Many children begin their school day in the Breakfast Club at 7:45 am where they enjoy a substantial, healthy breakfast. This is then followed by  a range of 'family-style' activities e.g. board games, Play Doh, Lego building, jigsaws, snooker etc. in the school hall.

8:40 am School gates open and children are invited to come stratight into school and have an opportunity to read their book.

8:50 am Registerand Mega Maths. This is an opportunity for children to act upon marking from the previous day and then practice and use mathematical skills to play games and undertake investigations. The teacher spends time with children who need help with misconceptions from the previous day's maths lesson. or further challenge on next steps. 

9:05 - 11:45 (KS1)  The morning: e.g Phonics, SPAG, mathematics, writing & reading.

9:05 - 11:45 (LKS2)  The morning: e.g Mathematics, SPAG & writing. Reading is taught in the afternoon.

9:05 - 12:15 (KS2)  The morning: e.g Mathematics, SPAG, writing & reading.


10:10/10:30/10:50 WHAM Time (20 minute staggered session across classes) WHAM (Whiston Active Movers) is a programme to encourage all children to stay active and stay healthy. After their activity, children will  have an opportunity to eat fruit and drink water to ensure they keep energised and hydrataed.


Key Stage 1 Phonics - We teach phonics through Letters and Sounds. The children are taught new sounds and practice these using the Letters and Sounds programme. This approach is continued where required in Key Stage 2.


11:45 -  12:35 Lunchtime / 12:15 - 1:05 (Y5 & Y6) Lunchtime

(KS1/KS2) EPIC Curriculum includes timetabled sessions for:

RE; PE; D&T, Science; MFL (French); Music; Geography; History; Art; Nature Detectives, PSHE; RSHE and First Aid.

Variations in the timetable occur for PE, assemblies and special events.

At all stages a love for reading is fostered. 

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