School Meals

School dinners cost £2.10 per day from January 2017.

Please pay for the whole week on the first day of the week

You can pay direct debit or by bankers card by giving your email address to the school office to get a Live Kitchen account.  You will receive an email from DOLCE containing your login details and a link to their website.  You will also be able to pre-order all your child's meals.

Please click on the links below to see or download the menu.


 Dolce Menu Jan 2017

 FREE School Meals

How to know if your child is eligible.

Apply online or print the latest forms see the Free School meals link. 

Please see link below which will take you to the RMBC free meal web site.



Healthy Lunchboxes

Here are a few ideas for your child's healthy lunchbox:

Carrot, cucumber and or bread sticks with a pot of houmous or tomato salsa.

Wraps or mini pitta breads with cheese or tuna mixed with grated carrot or sweetcorn.

Pasta salad.

Crackers and cheese. Mini fresh fruit salad.

Yoghurts. Rice pudding.


Dried fruit, e.g. raisins, apricots.