Active Life, Active Mind

At Whiston our vision is for every child to lead an active lifestyle and for this to become embedded into their daily life.  We believe every child should have the opportunity to take part in physical activity daily and become more physically confident and competent. We hope that, through all the sporting opportunities and physical activity we offer, the children will potentially develop a love and passion for sport and continue out of school and into their later lives.

We aim to provide the children with at least 2 hours of fun, exciting and active PE lessons every week and to keep the children healthy, as well as a minimum of 30 minute daily exercise through active breaks and the daily mile. 

We strive to give as many children as possible the opportunity to compete in a variety of competitions, during school time or by representing the school at local events. We hope that in doing so the children will develop greater confidence, team work and learn to win or lose with sportsmanship. To help prepare children for competitions we run weekly lunchtime clubs to enhance skills in preparation for the competitions.

It is of paramount importance that we create sporting leaders during the children's time at Whiston. We aim to offer lots of children the opportunity to lead sporting activities, organise games and events and learn to lead by example. By emphasising leadership, we hope the children learn the importance of communication, organisation, team work, resilience, perseverance and a respect for rules.

PE and Sport are a proud part of the Whiston experience and we hope that this continues to grow in the future and prepare our children for life after Whiston.

See below to find out about the different activities we enjoy doing every day!


Whiston Active Movers (WHAM)

In a morning the children take part in WHAM (Whiston Active Movers). This is where children participate in a structured play time in the morning and have lots of fun playing different sports games with a teacher or teaching assistant and the rest of their class. 

The Daily Mile

As you may be aware Whiston have started to run a daily mile and are now proud owners of a track! The Daily Mile is a social activity, wherein the children run or jog – at their own pace – in the fresh air with friends for 10 minutes every day, with the goal of running a mile or further. We believe this will make the children fitter, healthier and happier. Statistics also show that more active children make better progress in the classroom. 

For more information on the daily mile see:

Active Classrooms

As well as being active outside we are also doing active learning in the classroom using the Super Movers and Go Noodle websites to get children active when learning, why not try these websites at home? The children love them!

To support us with this, please send your child in sensible shoes or trainers to make it easier for them to participate.