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Metacognition: Learning 2 Learn Skills

Growth Mind-set at Whiston Junior and Infants School

At Whiston Junior and Infant School,  we believe that we have a responsibility to develop 21st century, lifelong learners. In order to do this, we are are encouraging all our children to take risks and understand that it is OK to 'fail' as it is their first attempt in learning. We discuss with children the 'Power of Yet' to encourage them to challenge themselves. These strategies, as well as others are based on proven research into growth mind-set and the positive impact it has on learning and the mental well-being of learners of an any age group. 

 We believe that successful learners are resilient, reflective, collaborative, curious and independent.

How can you help your child develop a growth mind-set?

Praise carefully – not for intelligence but for effort. 

Try to focus on the processes they used; their strategies, effort, or choices. 

  • What did you learn today?
  • What did you try hard at today?
  • What mistake did you make that taught you something?
  • What was a challenge today?
  • What did you practice today?
  • Encourage deliberate practice and targeted effort
  • Encourage the children to stretch themselves with challenging tasks
  • Discuss errors and mistakes and help your child to see them as opportunities to learn and improve
  • Have family discussions about mind-set and which mind-set they (and you?) are choosing to use.
  • Teach children to think positively and to believe in themselves
  • Redefine the meaning of a few ordinary words:
  • Effort is… the secret to getting smarter
  • Difficult is… challenging – an exciting opportunity for risk taking and having a go
  • Mistakes are … learning opportunities

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